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Trying to buy a home can sometimes be frustrating – it could be credit problems or finding a mortgage that is reasonable and that you can afford. Manufactured homes have been the latest trend for home buyers all across the nation.

Achieve the American Dream

Get your own home with very little money down. McDonald’s Mobile Homes have all the same features from the interior to the exterior construction that is found in many site-built homes. Kitchens provide spacious cabinets as well as brand name appliances and storage areas. Many baths offer luxury features including roman tubs and skylights. Bedrooms and living areas reflect the most contemporary design concepts including built-in cabinets, elegant window treatments, and in some models, energy-efficient fireplaces.

Don’t Have Land?

We can help you find the right location from 12 manufactured home sites or we will work with local realtors to find acreage to meet your needs!